Digital Billboard #120A

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The Following Restrictions Apply:
1. Grade Schools or High Schools, other than Scranton prep and schools deemed acceptable by Scranton Prep is advance of placement
2. Adult Book Stores, Parlors, Lewd Entertainment
3. Advertisements that would conflict in any way with Scranton Preparatory School’s mission, ethics, or challenge the sanctity of life including Planned Parenthood
4. Political Candidates or Political Messages/Statements
5. Alcoholic beverages

Panel #120A
Market: Lackawanna County
Location: 950 Wyoming Ave., Scranton, PA 18509
Directional Read: Right-Hand Read
Weekly Impressions: 42,540
Size: 10’ x 30’ State of the Art Digital Media Display
Description: This digital board is located on Wyoming Ave., in the parking lot of Scranton Prep, a private high school with an enrollment of nearly 800 students. This location targets: downtown Scranton, it’s professional & historical buildings,
financial institutions, corporations,
downtown shopping, lawyers, bars & restaurants, The University of Scranton and other Colleges, The Marketplace at Steamtown, downtown Condo’s and more.
Latitude: 41.418043
Longitude: -75.655235